Our Vision

To be the leading organic food manufacturer & exporter in the country.

Our Mission

To be recognized as the best organic food manufacture & exporter and achieve superior & sustainable value for our stakeholders through strong resources, attentive customer care and dynamic marketing.

Who we are?

MAL Organic, a company born not out of necessity, but out of desire to something worthwhile, to be authentic, to be true to the most treasured aspect of any business, The Customers.

The Tradition

Mr. Saman Mangala, the founder and CEO of MAL Organic is a person with decades of experience as an organic consultant to many of the big agriculture and food manufacturing business names in Sri Lanka. During his years as an organic consultant Mr. Saman Mangala became aware of two things. One, there are many systemic problems in organic food production as a business in this industry. And Two, Organic food production has been central in Sri Lankan agriculture for a long long time. In fact, before the “Open Economy Policy” adapted in Sri Lanka in 1977, Organic food production was synonymous with agriculture in our country. The only thing was that nobody called it “Organic food”. It was just “Food”.

Back then farmers were more concerned about the high quality of their product then the high yield. The traditional methods used in farming dating back hundreds and hundreds of years back are methods that falls within the organic standards that are established today. From fertilization to pest control, every thing was organic. For an example, one popular method of fertilizing was to allow a tall tree to grow in the middle of the paddy filed to attract Bats. Bat droppings then acted as a natural fertilizer for the crop. Natural predators were the main method used in pest control.

The Painful Truth

But these traditional organic methods became less and less popular as the demand for high quantity trumped the demand for high quality or the concern on environment in the recent past. Then, when the term “Organic” became popular again, Big term food manufacturers adapted that term and hired specialists to make the product more organic (in the eye of consumer). But the painful truth was many of the organizations were woefully unprepared to the undertaking and the term “Organic” was used to keep up appearances only. In that era, the Law & Policies were too vague on the term organic and companies exploited this to mislead consumers. That was a blow to the integrity of the Organic standards.

Observing this was the main reason that drove Mr. Mangala to start his own company. A company true to our heritage, true to the term Organic and true to our customers. A company that combines the traditional values with international standards. A company that not only fulfill the customers wishes but also promote and honor a beautiful agricultural heritage, a better lifestyle and a better world.

Finally, MAL Organic

MAL Organic was born in 2010. We are manufactures and exporters of true organic foods. We are a combination of team of young administrators, dedicated workers and traditional farmers with supervision and leadership of Mr. Saman Mangala. We start our journey with mainly Organic Virgin Coconut oil, after less than ten years we have expanded our portfolio to include all coconut-based food products, traditional spices, essential oils and other food items. Now we are trusted suppliers to not only direct customers from around the world, but also to organic food distributers in several countries. EU, UK, New Zealand, UAE, India, Japan are some examples.

We at MAL organic and our two brother companies in UK (Avonra Natural) and in Malaysia (CF Wealthy Naturals) bring you the best of Sri Lankan tradition and international standards to your home in our products.