Organic Coconut Oil

Goodness of Sri Lankan Coconut is concentrated in this amazing product. Organic Coconut Oil is made without adding any synthetic substances. Only extra ingredients are love & care.

Virgin oil is made applying mild heat (less than 60 degree Celsius) and then purified through various stages to bring you the best of the best. Rich with Lauric (C12) and Caprice (C10), Organic Coconut Oil is a tastier and healthier alternative to Olive oil in every way.


Organic coconut oil has many uses. It’s a great oil for cooking, it is used as cosmetic to improve beauty, improve hair health, can be used as a base creating other foods and cosmetic items such as Mayonnaise or Soap.


Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids which encourage your body to burn fat and increases ‘good’ hdl cholesterol in your body, which in turn reduce the risk of heart diseases. When consumed, it can also help regulate blood sugar, accelerate weight loss and improve the immune system. Used topically, it can significantly restore the condition of skin and hair, prevent wrinkles, make hair strands stronger and shinier and protect your body from harmful UV rays.

Packing 200 ml 250 ml (M) 300 ml 500 ml (M) 500 ml 1000 ml 200 L 1000 L
1 Pallets (120*100 Single stk) 1512 Units 1296 Units 1008 Units 864 Units 864 Units 480 Units 4 Units 1 Units
1 Pallets (114*114 Double stk) 3024 Units 2592 Units 2016 Units 1728 Units 1728 Units 960 units 4 Units 1 Units
20ft Container (without pallets) 47424 Units 50640 Units 34776 Units 26880 Units 28152 Units 16776 Units 40 Units 10 Units
Minimum order Qyt - Single stak 1 Pallets,Double Stak 2 Pallets
Loadability - 20ft -10 pallets (single stak 114*114)/20 pallets (Double Stak 120*100)
Loadability - 40ft -20 pallets (single stak 114*114 )/40 pallets (Double Stak 120*100)