Organic Coconut Flour

The goodness of coconut, coming to you in another way. Fat removed desiccated coconut is grinded to a fine powder to produce coconut flour. It can be used as an healthier alternative any conventional flour (wheat, rice, etc.)


Coconut Flour is a healthier vegan’s alternative for wheat or any other commercially available flour. Coconut Flour is used for any bake item making, as a base for dishes and in many other ways. Basically, you can use Coconut Flour in any way you would use wheat or rice flour.


Coconut Flour is gluten free. Its also rich in fibers and MCTs. It promotes stable blood sugar, good digestion and heart health. It may also lead to weight loss and fighting infections. Coconut Flour is also a good source of protein and minerals such as iron and potassium.

Packing 250 g 500 g 25 kg  
1 Pallets (120*100 Single stk) 432 Units 360Units 40 Units  
1 Pallets (114*114 Double stk) 864 Units 720 Units 50 Units  
20ft Container (without pallets) 16680 Units 12960 Units 408 Units  
Minimum order Qyt - Single stak 1 Pallets,Double Stak 2 Pallets
Loadability - 20ft -10 pallets (single stak 114*114)/20 pallets (Double Stak 120*100)
Loadability - 40ft -20 pallets (single stak 114*114 )/40 pallets (Double Stak 120*100)