Organic Coconut Aminos

Need an exotic dressing for your salad? Look no further than coconut aminos.

This product is made from coconut tree sap naturally aged and blended with sun dried mineral rich sea salt to bring you a healthier, tastier alternative to soy sauce. Coconut aminos can be used in dressing, marinades, sauces and with sushi.


Coconut Aminos is the best healthier alternative for Soy Sauce you can find. With its unique sweet and tangy flavor Coconut aminos is ideal for salad dressings, marinating foods, to add to your sweet or savory dishes for that extra tang.


Unlike soy sauce, coconut aminos doesn’t contain soy, wheat, or gluten—so if those are things you’re avoiding, coconut aminos is a very good alternative. As with all coconut-based products, it also helps regulate blood sugar, accelerate weight loss and improve the immune system.

Packing 250 ml (M) 500 ml (M) 200 L 1000 L
1 Pallets (120*100 Single stk) 1296 Units 864 Units 4 Units 1 Units
1 Pallets (114*114 Double stk) 2592 Units 1728 Units 4 Units 1 Units
20ft Container (without pallets) 50640 Units 26880 Units 40 Units 10 Units
Minimum order Qyt - Single stak 1 Pallets,Double Stak 2 Pallets
Loadability - 20ft -10 pallets (single stak 114*114)/20 pallets (Double Stak 120*100)
Loadability - 40ft -20 pallets (single stak 114*114 )/40 pallets (Double Stak 120*100)